Techical information

Electrical installations

Power is not included in the stand rental and must therefore always be ordered unless you have booked a “total-stand”. Sockets need only to be ordered if you intend to use your own spots, a coffee machine, refrigerator, etc. (Kindly note that 1000 watts extra must always be ordered for a coffee machine). If you need the services of an electrician, kindly indicate this on the order form.

If you rent our spots, the fair’s electrician will set them up and connect them.

For types of spots, please see SPOTS. Kindly show the placing of the sockets and/or the rented spots on the order form, using relevant symbols. Electrical equipment may only be connected to ordered sockets. The power will be installed in groups of 1000w. Please state your requirement with ordering.

The current in Denmark is 220/230 volts.

24-hours power

The power supply to the halls is closed down at night. If you require 24-hour supply, you must make special arrangements for this with Nord-Fair before the fair. There is an extra charge for this.


Order form

Here you will find a sketch of your stand. Kindly show the electrical installations and extra stand equipment you need on the sketch and return it to Nord-Fair not later than the date indicated on the order form (not needed for “total-stands”). The rented area must not be exceeded. The stand can be further improved against extra payment.​


The front can be closed further by means of stand walls, and a sales office or fitting-room can be established and curtained off. It is not possible to have lockable doors. Bars can be mounted across the top of the stand. These are made from aluminium and are available in four different module lengths. For spans longer than four modules, aluminium posts are mounted. All prices appear at the order form in Danish kroner.

If using your own stand equipment please note that no part may be higher than the stand walls (230 cm). It may be possible to obtain Nord-Fair’s permission to bypass this rule where special factors speak in favour of this.

The walls are made from white hard melamine. It is not allowed to nail, drill, paint or in any other way to damage the walls. Double sticking tape (can be purchased at the organiser’s office) may be used on the walls but not on the frame/frieze. The walls must be left in the same state as received. If not, the exhibitor will be under obligation to reimburse Nord-Fair for all expenses in connection with repair and renewal.

Only fire-impregnated materials may be used for decorating the stand.

All stands are based on a network of modules, which are 130 x 130 cm. The stand construction (included in the rental amount) includes necessary stand walls, as shown on the order form, a frieze in front of the stand with a standard company sign and/or stand number sign, carpeting covering the entire exhibition area. The wall sections are made from hard white melamine with aluminium frames. The frieze and any crossbars and posts are made from aluminium, too. One stand wall measures 130 x 230 cm.



Wires can be set up in the halls, but please note that only light suspensions can be made in hall 3 because of the construction of the ceiling. Suspension of wires must use allowed Eureka-locks. The locks can be purchased at Nord-Fair’s office.
Suspension points must be ordered in advance by means of the order form (top view) and will subject to an extra charge. Remember to specify the weight per point and please mark the height above the floor.

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