The Tex-Stil Fair applies to the retail business e.g. within fabrics, yarns, embroidery, accessories, hobby, needlework, sewing machines etc.

The exhibitors presents the latest news and the visitors gets a good look and a bright overview, and in a calmly way, set together their stock and warehouse.

Fair catalogue and free admittance cards are sent to approx. 1500 addresses in Denmark, Scandinavia and Northern Germany about 3 weeks before the fair begins.

The Tex-Stil fair are for professionals only. At the end of each fair-day, a list of today's visitors will be handed out.

Free admittance and parking.

About 55 - 60 exhibitors/companies participate and they are all agents, importers and wholesale dealers.

Gross area: 3.500 m²​

Opening hours:

Saturday kl 10 - 19

Sunday kl 9 - 18

Monday kl 9 - 16

Future Fairs:

12th - 14th January 2019

10th - 12th August 2019

Fair Center:

DGI Huset Vejle


Vestre Engvej 57

DK-7100 Vejle​​

Contact information:

Dorte Præstrud


Phone. +45 4589 1277

For information re. prices, available booths, exhibitor lists ect., please don't hesitate to contact us.

Order catalogue and free admittance card.​

WORKSHOPS at the January Fair.......

Participation is free, however registration is required as there are limited seats per workshop. 

Send an email to dorte@nord-fair.dk and indicate which workshop and the number of people to be enrolled.


L1 10:30-11:15, THREADS & SEAMS

L2 11:30-12:15, SECRETS - in English


L4 15:30-16:15, PROJEKT NEWLAND

L5 16:30-17:15, MAGIC LOOP


S1 10:30-11:15, PETITEKNIT

SX3 11:30-12:15, SECRETS - in English

S2 12:30-13:15, PROJEKT NEWLAND

S3 14:30-15:15, SECRETS - in English

S4 15:30-16:15, ITALIAN CASTING

S5 16:30-17:15, THREADS & SEAMS

The only workshop in English, is described below........ Other workshops describtions (in Danish) can be read here

​SATURDAY: L2 11:30-12:15, SECRETS and SUNDAY: S3 14:30-15:15, SECRETS ........OBS! EXTRA SX3 11:30 - 12:15

"The secrets of successful yarn stores". A 30 minute a-la-carte presentation with useful tips for more sales and better profit, for successful marketing and inspirational shop decoration. Chose from the menu whatever is useful for you and get inspired by best practice cases and unorthodox ideas.

Lecturer: Britta Kremke, entrepeneur, founder of Schmeichelgarne, designer. Sponsored by Seleceted Yarns

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