DGI-huset Vejle

DGI-huset Vejle is Vejle’s major conference and sports center, boasts a wealth of facilities including 5 halls of various sizes and in total 16.000 m2

The center is modular and flexible which allow us to design perfectly customized solutions, whether it’s  a fair, a conference or a show.

We also make it a priority to create the right atmosphere and DGI-huset Vejle's light and welcoming facilities provide a close and friendly atmosphere.
The restaurant and the cafes of the house provides you with a variation of healthy food and various offers when it comes to special fair-prices and arrangements.

Nord-Fair A/S has its own exhibition system and a team of experienced employees, resulting in an efficient and cost-conscious approach.

DGI-huset Vejle has the significant advantage of being perfectly positioned, geographically and traffical, in the heart of Denmark.

From north by south and east by west all the main roads in Vejle connects with all major cities in the country. Vejle is easy to reach by car, train or airplane within no time. E.g. it takes approx. 2 ½ time from Copenhagen or Aalborg by car.

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